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Kitone Pneumatic Oil Pump

"Kitone" is made in Taiwan and engaged in supplying professional lubrication system and equipment to customers to make the job more efficient and reduce downtime in their working environment.

Founded in 1987, Kitone has been a leader in lubrication equipment and accessories that exports to Japan, America, Europe, Asia, and other counties. Several thousands of units had been sold in the Philippine market alone.

Several gasoline service stations like Petron, Caltex, and Shell are just some of the pleased and contented clients that we have. Other includes trucking companies, industrial and manufacturing companies, garage services, etc…

Kitone Pneumatic Oil Pump

PriceFrom ₱67,999.00
    • Air Motor Size: 100 mm diameter (Extra Powerful)
    • Inlet Pressure: 3-6 kg/cm2
    • Outlet Pressure: 15-30 kg/cm2
    • Delivery Rate: 18 liters/min
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