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King Tony engaged in supplying professional tools since 1976. We are always focused on supplying quality tools to our customers to make sure the quality satisfies the working requirement. To finish a professional job is a dream and target for every mechanic, and to finish it more easily and perfectly is even a better achievement. Thus, every mechanic can really enjoy their work. From this motive we have a goal that is to make every mechanic know that when they use King Tony professional tools; they will quickly, perfectly and easily finish their work. They may feel more confident in getting the job done while making the work more enjoyable for them.

To achieve this goal, we will continue to supply tools that are easy to take, easy to use, efficient, save time, and strength. Our future vision is to tell every mechanic who uses King Tony tools to “enjoy your work”, which contains the meaning to use good tools to do great quality work and have real enjoyment in the process. Why not find your enjoyment from your job, take King Tony professional tools and you will start to experience it!


King Tony offers reliable tools for professional users, strictly controls its quality to ensure achievement of required performance. From “fracture & fatigue test”, you will know the difference we have when compare to others.

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Tools are made to extend hand work. King Tony selects different material depends on its difference of nature for tightening, power impacting, cutting, rotating, and locking. Choose qualified material to meet required lifetime for professional use and consumption.


Heat treatment involves the use of heating or chilling on experience and time control. King Tony controlled heat treatment systems to ensure the right hardness without the brittleness. From microstructural picture you can see elements are well- distributed..


In forging process, metal moved while it is still in the solid state. King Tony specialized in forging technology to create better metal configuration. Non-straight grain flow and non-sharp corners can extend lifetime and durability of socket. Torque is transmitted for powerful tightening under safety.


Quality control also ensure that a sufficient level of production output. King Tony uses advance technology to inspect tiny difference on each step. Our hand socket, ratchet, extension bar, and power handle is 30% higher than international DIN standards. Impact socket reach 50% higher torque than DIN standards.

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