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Our Company

United Solid Facility Inc. is a firm first established in 1977. Dealing in retail of general hardware and industrial products was the main focus during first several years of operation. Then started to engage in importation and distribution of industrial products, like tools and equipment for automotive and industry, lubrication equipment, material handling equipment, climate control equipment and system. More and more products were added to our product list each year onward!

The following products were introduced to the Philippines for the last decades:

  • CAT PUMPS: heavy duty high pressure industrial piston and plunger pump

  • KITONE: lubrication equipment and garage Equipment was introduced

  • WILDCAT: heavy duty high pressure washer system using CAT Pumps

  • VACUEASYLIFT: vacuum lifter for bag & carton, roll handling equipment

  • SOLEX: special lubricants and chemicals

  • AUTO-LUBE: centralized lubrication system for oil or grease

  • ULTRA-COOL: climate control equipment, natural fog cooling system for indoor and outdoor cooling.

  • KING TONY: professional quality tools, ISO and DIN certified

  • KAYAMA: drum lifter and tilter, stacker, mixers and other machineries.

  • KOCKUM: automatic bag emptier, bulk bag unloader, vacuum conveyor

  • ULTRALLOY: superior quality welding alloy; cast iron, stainless steel, cobalt base, copper, aluminum

  • KAMAKI: evaporative cooler for commercial and industrial indoor cooling.

  • CAT: drum heaters, immersion heaters and other heaters.

  • DALMEC: pneumatic manipulator for lifting of various industries.

  • BREEZAIR: evaporative cooler for residential, commercial & industrial.

  • SURFACE HARDENING SERVICES: We extend your machine part’s life to 2-10 times. Harden ferrous part’s surfaces with innovative true-cool-process without effect on the original temper property of the work piece. Electronically applies extremely wear resistant material to punch & die, industrial knifes & shear, barrel/cage bar, expellers, extrusion worm shaft, rollers, grinders, mixers, hammer mill, pelletizer, and any ferrous metal abrasive surfaces of any
    production machines of any industry.

We are not only selling the above products; we are also selling other industrial products to meet your requirements. We only cater the best for our customers!

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